What does Saint Jacques mean?
That was the primary area in Grasse where Lil grew up. It's also the name of the item Lil & Lori love to work with at the establishment, the "Coquille St. Jacques" which is "Scallops" in French. A real statue of Saint Jacques looks over you as you enter the restaurant."

What kind of food do you serve?
Classic French dishes from all over the country, such as daube, cassoulet, coq au vin, tournedos Rossini, etc with a strong influence from Provence. Very healthy cooking method and high quality ingredients, such as diver hand picked scallops, Hudson
Valley Foie gras.

Why Raleigh?
Bounty land for food coming from the earth, sky or sea. Very fertile ground for quality of vegetables,(Charleston grouper, various game birds) and outstanding future and respectful present for wine making and wineries all around the state.

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